Prof. Han Qide, President of the Seventh National Committee of CAST

The China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), over nearly 50 years since its founding, through uniting China¡¯s scientific and technological personnel, has made important contributions to the progress of science and technology, as well as the economic and social development in China. At present, China has developed into a historical period to build an overall better-off society, and the science and technology community are facing with an even more glorious but arduous historical mission. As a national organization of China¡¯s scientific and technological personnel, CAST is now leading its affiliated organizations and members to render better service to the nation¡¯s economic and social development, to the improvement of all Chinese scientific literacy, and to the scientific and technological personnel. In the meantime, it will further strengthen its own capacity building in a continuous manner. ¡°To enhance the exchange and cooperation with international science and technology communities¡± was set as one of CAST¡¯s objectives as early as in its founding years. During the recently held 7th National Congress of CAST, ¡°to promote international cooperation in the fields of science and technology, and develop friendly communications with foreign scientific and technological organizations and personnel¡± was formally amended into CAST Statute. We hope that, with this pamphlet, our partners and friends from various countries may gain a general understanding of CAST, on the basis of which the scope of exchange and cooperation between us may be further expanded.


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