Member Societies of CAST

A-01 Chinese Mathematics Society

A-02 Chinese Society of Physics

A-03 Chinese Society of Mechanics

A-04 Optical Society of China

A-05 Acoustical Society of China

A-06 Chinese Chemical Society

A-07 Chinese Astronomical


A-08 Meteorological Society of


A-09 Chinese Society of Space


A-10 Geological Society of China

A-11 The Geographical Society of


A-12 Chinese Society of


A-13 Chinese Society of

          Mineralogy, Petrology and


A-14 Paleontological Society of


A-15 Chinese Society of

          Oceanology and Limnology

A-16 Chinese Society of


A-17 Seismological Society of


A-18 China Zoological Society

A-19 Botanical Society of China

A-20 The Entomological Society of


A-21 Chinese Society of


A-22 Chinese Biochemical Society

A-23 Chinese Society for Cell


A-24 Chinese Society of Plant


A-25 The Biophysical Society of


A-26 Genetics Society of China

A-27 Chinese Society of


A-28 Ecological Society of China

A-29 Chinese Society of

          Environmental Science

A-30 China Research Society of

          Natural Resources

A-31 Chinese Research Society of

          Photographic Science

A-32 Chinese Society of

          Optimization Planning and

          Engineering Methodology

          and Economic Math

A-33 Chinese Society for Rock

          Mechanics and Engineering
A-34 China Wildlife Conservation


A-35 Systems Engineering Society

          of China

A-36 Chinese Society of

          Experimental Animals

A-37 The Research Society on

          Qinghaixizang Plateau of


A-38 Chinese Environmental

          Mutagen Society

A-39 Operations Research Society

          of China

A-40 Mycological Society of China

A-41 Chinese Crystallographic


B-01 Chinese Mechanical

          Engineering Society

B-02 Society of Automative


B-03 Chinese Society of Agricultural


B-04 Chinese Society of Agricultural


B-05 Chinese Society of Electrical


B-06 Chinese Electrotechnical


B-07 Chinese Society of

          Hydroelectric Engineering

B-08 Chinese Society of Hydraulic


B-09 Chinese Society for Internal

          Combustion Engines

B-10 Chinese Society of

          Engineering Thermophysics

B-11 Chinese Aerodynamic

          Research Society

B-12 Chinese Association of


B-13 Chinese Vacuum Society
B-14 Chinese Association of


B-15 China Instrument Society

B-16 China Society of Measurement

B-17 China Association for


B-18 China Engineering Graphics


B-19 Chinese Institute of Electronics

B-20 Chinese Computer Society

B-21 China Institute of


B-22 Chinese Information

          Processing Society of China

B-23 Chinese Society of Geodesy,

          Photogrammetry and


B-24 Chinese Society of Navy

          Architecture and Machine


B-25 Chinese Society of Navigation
B-26 China Railway Society

B-27 China Highway and

          Transportation Society

B-28 Chinese Society of Aeronautics

          and Astronautics

B-29 Chinese Society of



B-30 China Ordnance Society

B-31 Chinese Society of Metals

B-32 Non-Ferrous Metals Society

          of China

B-33 Chinese Society of Rare


B-34 Chinese Society of Corrosion

          and Protection

B-35 Chemical Industry and

          Engineering Society of China

B-36 Chinese Nuclear Society

B-37 Chinese Petroleum Society

B-38 China Coal Society

B-39 Chinese Solar Energy


B-40 Chinese Energy Research


B-41 Chinese Silicate Society

B-42 Architectural Society of

B-43 China Civil Engineering


B-44 Chinese Biotechnology

B-45 Textile Engineering Society

          of China

B-46 China Technical Association

          of Paper Industry

B-47 China Association for

          Preservation Technology of

          Cultural Relics
B-48 Printing Technology

          Association of China

B-49 China Packaging

          Technology Association

B-50 Chinese Institute of Food

          Science and Technology

B-51 Chinese Cereals and Oil


B-52 Chinese Society for Science

          and Technology for Labor


B-53 Chinese Tobacco Society

B-54 Chinese Association for

          System Simulation

B-55 Chinese Society of Motion

          Picture and Television


B-56 Chinese Society of Vibration


B-57 Chinese Society of Particle

B-58 China Illuminating

          Engineering Society

B-59 Chinese Society of Power


B-60 Chinese Society of Inertial


B-61 Chinese Society of

          Landscape Architection

B-62 China Power Supply Society

B-63 Chinese Society for

          Composite Materials

B-64 China Fire Control Society

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