¡°Yititang Zhairen Medical Society¡±, the first science and technology society in China, was founded in 1568.


More than 30 national societies had been founded before the founding of the People¡¯s Republic of China in 1949, including the China Pharmaceutical Association (1907), the Chinese Institute of Engineers (1912), the Chinese Science Society (1915), the Chinese Technology Society (1916), etc. In 1945, China Association of Scientific Personnel was established.


In July 1949, initiated by China Science Society, China Natural Science Society, China Association of Scientific Personnel and Northwest Natural Science Society, the preparatory meeting of the National Congress of Natural Science Personnel was held, which elected representatives to attend the first Chinese People¡¯s Political Consultative Conference for the founding of new China.


In August 1950, the All-China Congress of Natural Science Personnel was convened in Beijing. At this congress, the All-China Association of Natural Science Societies (All-China Science Association) and All-China Science and Technology Popularization Association (All-China Science Popularization) were established.


On Sept. 23, 1958, All-China Science Association and All-China Science Popularization jointly held a national congress, which decided to merge the two organizations into a unified national organization of scientists and technologists ¨C China Association for Science and Technology, with Li Siguang elected as President of the first national committee.


From March 1980 to May 2001, CAST convened five national congresses consecutively, where the famous scientists Zhou Peiyuan, Qian Xuesen, Zhu Guangya, Zhou Guangzhao were elected presidents of the national committees consecutively.


Construction of the national level museum ¨C China Science and Technology Museum, was started in November 1984. The late Chinese leaders Deng Xiaoping and Nie Rongzhen wrote epigraphs for it, and Deng Xiaoping wrote down the name for the museum.


¡°Law of the People's Republic of China on Popularization of Science and Technology¡± was promulgated in June 2002, identifying CAST as the major social force in China¡¯s science popularization.


CAST became a member unit of the State Science and Education Leading Group in December 2004.


¡°Outline of the Action Plan for Improvement of All Chinese Scientific Literacy¡± was issued by StateCouncil in February, 2006. Serving as the General Office of the National Science Literacy Action¡¯s Leading Group, CAST is responsible for the daily work of the Group.


The 7th National Congress of CAST was convened in Beijing in May 2006. President Hu Jintao and other major state leaders were present in the opening ceremony, and Zeng Qinghong delivered remarks on behalf of the Central Committee of the Party. Prof. Han Qide was elected President of the 7th National Committee.


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