To put into full play the advantage of science and technology organization in respect of providing service, reflecting requirements and suggestions, regularizing behaviors, CAST aims to set up a stable and interactive channel between the government and scientific and technological personnel, and eventually turn the CAST organization into a ¡°Home for Scientific and Technological Personnel¡±.

To Provide Policy Consultations

To mobilize the scientific and technological personnel to conduct investigations on issues relating to long-term and strategic development of the country, reflect study results and suggestions, and provide policy consultations.

To Protect Legitimate Rights and Interests

To improve the mechanism for representation of the interest of scientific and technological personnel, protect their legitimate rights and interests, and enhance the scientific ethics and morality construction.

To Award Outstanding Scientific and Technological Personnel

These activities elect and appraise the excellent scientific and technological personnel who have made outstanding contributions to the independent innovation capacity enhancement, scientific literacy promotion and the building of an innovative country.

To Investigate the Conditions of Scientific and Technological Personnel

This is intended to rightly understand the basic conditions and the development trend of scientific and technological personnel, and correctly reflect their desires and requirements, so as to provide reference for the government in the formulation of relevant policies.

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