The China Association for Science and Technology is composed of national societies, associations, research institutes and provincial associations for science and technology. Hierarchically, the local associations for science and technology are composed of societies, associations and research institutes at the same local level and associations for science and technology at a lower level, as well as various grass-root organizations. National societies, associations, research institutes are the organizational members of CAST.

The National Congress of CAST and the National Committee elected at the National Congress are the highest authority of CAST. While the National Committee is not in session, its Standing Committee oversees the operation of CAST. A Secretariat and a number of specific commissions are set up under the Standing Committee. The Secretariat is in charge of the daily administration of CAST under the leadership of the Standing Committee.

Mme Deng Nan, Chief Executive Secretary, CAST
Executive Secretaries of CAST (from right): Feng Changgen, Qi Rang, Deng Nan, Song Nanping, Cheng Donghong

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