CAST is an umbrella organization in science and technology of China. It is composed of various academic and professional societies, and acts as an important driving force for the development of the nationí»s science and technology.
To support the nationí»s economic and social development;
To promote science literacy for the whole nation;

To serve the scientific and techno-

logical personnel.


To conduct academic exchanges, promote the development of various disciplines of science and technology, and advance innovation.


To carry forward scientific spirit, popularize knowledge of science and technology, promulgate scientific thinking and methods, and conduct activities of science and technology among the youth and teenagers.


To reflect the suggestions, comments and requests of China,s scientific and technological personnel and protect their legitimate rights and interests; to uphold ethics in science and decent style of study.


To organize the scientific and technological personnel to participate in the formulation of policies and regulations on science and technology and in other state affairs.


To award outstanding scientific and technological personnel.


To conduct consulting services and provide policy advice.


To conduct international scientific and technological exchange, promote international cooperation in the field of science and technology and develop friendly interactions with international science and technology community.


To conduct activities of continuing education and training.


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